Players are selling Pokémon Go accounts to earn cash

Players are selling Pokémon Go accounts to earn cash

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While some players are trying to catch the character in the game Pokémon Go, others are trying to catch the cash. This directly means they are trying to sell their Pokemon Go accounts to earn some cash. They have established their accounts with higher levels and are now ready to sell it to others who need the account to level up without putting in efforts.

The players who wish to sell their accounts are choosing popular market places to sell their Pokémon Go accounts to those who want to avoid the struggle to reach a high level in the game.

Selling accounts is slowly increasing and small businesses are also gaining profit by selling account. Small businesses are taking advantage of the passion that players have for the game. Small business is paying the app to buy items to grab the attention of players. Some businesses are also offering discounts or promotions to Pokémon Go users.

Many restaurants or small sandwich shop are advertising the Pokémon offerings to attract trainers moving around the streets. On the other hand, players who have gained experience in the game are now selling their accounts to make some cash as now they either cannot continue to play the game due to other work commitments or due to the burden of debt.

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Pokémon Go has inspired so many people to continue playing the game full time and to quit their jobs. Many of them are earning their living by selling their accounts online. It does fetch you good money if you have a powerful account and you will be amazed to see the bids on the auction sites for an established account. You get paid for the efforts you put in to build a powerful Pokémon Go account. Hard work pays off and you earn good cash.


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